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About Evil Never Dies
Welcome To Evil Never Dies, AKA eNd-Guild.

eNd was originally a hardcore raiding guild back in the BC/WOTLK days. Now, eNd is back and with avengence.

We are currently looking to recruit ALL classes. We currently have Normal BRF fully cleared. Heroic BRF we are working on downing Furnace/Maidens/BH. We are a group of friends that have been playing since Vanilla.  NO ELITISTS here! We are filling the LAST few spots on our dedicated raid team.

Progression is our name and bountiful loots are OUR game!

Looking for a fun, mature and solid raiding guild? Then you found the right one! 

IF INTERESTED, PLEASE APPLY TO THE GUILD. We are willing to give most a chance at a raid spot.
Trial periods vary depending on the person.
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Brackenspore DOWN!

by Dottles, 206 days ago

YUP...This happened...5/7 NOW...Onto the NEXT!

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Tectus/Twin Ogron DOWN

by Dottles, 207 days ago

We had to pug a couple spots, due to some of us having work.

Tectus DOWN

4/7 on NORMAL Highmaul. NOT bad for our 2nd week raiding together.

Keep up the good work =) ONWARD we go!

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Butcher DOWN!

by Dottles, 213 days ago

2nd Boss In Highmaul - DEAD! Nuff' Said

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