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About Evil Never Dies
Welcome To Evil Never Dies, AKA eNd-Guild.

eNd was originally a hardcore raiding guild back in the BC/WOTLK days. Now, eNd is back and with avengence.

We are currently looking to recruit more talented/knowledgeable players that are willing to consistently raid. eNd is currently working on Normal Hellfire Citadel/Heroic Hellfire Citadel.

Looking for a fun, mature and solid raiding guild? Then you found the right one! 

IF INTERESTED, PLEASE APPLY TO THE GUILD. We are willing to give most a chance at a raid spot.
Trial periods vary depending on the person.
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Recruit Time

by Dottles, 15 days ago

eNd lives once again. 

Lets kill us some bosses, enjoy ourselves and get some lootz!


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