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About Evil Never Dies
Welcome To Evil Never Dies, AKA eNd-Guild.

eNd was originally a hardcore raiding guild back in the BC/WOTLK days. Now, eNd is back and with avengence.

We are currently looking to recruit knowledgeable members of ALL classes. We are a group of friends that have been playing since Vanilla and we would like to get a SOLID weekend raiding guild together for WOD.

Progression is our name and bountiful loots are OUR game!

Currently we are in our building stages. BUT, we are looking to get our shiz together and WANT to achieve some server firsts when WOD hits.

Looking for a fun, mature and solid raiding guild? Then you found the right one!  We aren't just accepting ANYONE either. You must prove yourself, your knowledge and your capabilities.
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Another Throooowback!

by Dottles, 50 days ago

One of the FIRST ever videos we ever made =) Enjoy the NUBness!


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Throwback Thuuuursday!

by Dottles, 73 days ago

Checkout our OLD 10 man Professor Putricide kill from BACK IN THE DAY!


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eNd Reborn

by Dottles, 73 days ago

eNd breathes LIFE once again.

Recently eNd started up again!

First our new website, then a new ventrilo server and NOW the recruiting starts.

The race is ON for XPAC in November.


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